Acer laptop – makes a buzzing noise?

I just got the new Acer 6920 a few weeks ago and I’ve had to return it twice because every few days, when i’m listening to music or watching a dvd or whatever, the speakers make a buzzing sound which lasts about 10 minutes then it goes back to normal. This is the third 6920 ive had which i just got a few days ago and its making the same sound as the other two. I wrote to Acer and they said it must be faulty and it needed repaired, but I’ve only had the three of them for a week each and I don’t see how all 3 could be faulty?? I live in Spain and its like 30 odd degrees here so could it be that it’s just overheating? Should I buy a fan for it?


  1. says:

    Ive heard acer is a bad brand

  2. 999pheebs says:

    Lol we have 2 acer laptops and they both do that, it is not over heating because it does that in the winter too, that buzzing is the cooling fan kicking in because of the temperature from the laptop itself.

  3. Mr Bad Boy says:

    Sounds like they have faulty soundcards. Must be a design fault if Acer said it is faulted. The heat would not make a soundcard noisy.

  4. could be the speakers or the fan inside the computer.

    i have an acer laptop and it does it sometimes as well.

  5. I have an Acer 6920 and from time to time the sound goes a little nuts. I believe its the drivers for the HD sound. I can change the settings in the Acer HD Audio Manager from stereo to 5.1 surround or vice versa and the sound clears up. It has happen a few times to me but that trick has worked each time. It has been consistently working now for about 2 weeks. But now I am getting a strange crunch noise from within the laptop, its location is where the processor is and its not the hard drive. I’m a little confused on it, but maybe it’s nothing.

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