Acer laptop failing to boot?

hey guys. my girlfriend has an acer laptop which was working fine until it ran out of battery. she then put it on charge and it came up with the aver screen and press f2 to run setup. the laptop was running fine before and now wont boot windows.
how can I fix this?
any help is appreciated and as always, 5 stars for best answer :)


  1. . Smith says:

    remove the battery,and disconnect the power.then reconnect the power supply(wait to see what happens before re-installing the battery)and depress the power/start button.if it comes on,do a restart,by clicking on the start icon in the corner,which will bring up options,one of which will be restart.restart,and allow it to run through it’s paces.if things are positive,turn the unit off,and place the battery back in,and set the balanced option that appears when you move your mouse to the battery/power source in the lower right hand corner.i do a restart every day,and never turn my computer off.good luck.

  2. Bassman1 says:

    Running out of battery power or any sudden power lose causes a hard shut down that corrupts operating system start up files you now need to do a system repair or recovery. Best done using the recovery disc set lade for the laptop when doing a system repair. Press F8 repeatedly at start up black screen to enter start options chose safe mode back up every thing of importance before it is lost.

    How do I restore my Acer computer using the eRecovery Management program?

    More info here for the Acer

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