acer e'recovery help?

i cant use the create factory default disc using acer erecovery. i click on it and it says burn to E:matshita dvdram i put a blank dvd in and press ok and it says there is not enough room on d:. the computer did come with 2 partitions but i deleted the d: partition and just left it as c partition as a big drive.why is it not letting me make a default recovery disc. should i make another d: drive?


  1. You can if you wish use windows to make aback up disc.

  2. you deleted your recovery partition D so you can not create a recovery disk >also you can not create a new recovery partition >you need to get a new copy of your os from acer

  3. LCPL USMC says:

    The D partition contained the recovery data, and you deleted it.

  4. says:

    good question i need to do a recovery disk for my acer and yes i have merged my drives to one i will look for comments as well before i start

  5. Put yr partition back @ least till you have yr factory default disc. I have Acer too & it can be a PIA if it’s in a bad mood.

    The very 1st thing I did upon purchase of my new lap top was create a factory default disk then purchased an ext HDD drive with OTB that I plug in & back up monthly. Acer erecovery is very temperamental. I got stuck for 5 hrs one day @ 26% back-up & then 27% the next day.

    I basically don’t trust it @ all. Good luck with repartitioning, you have learned the hard way. Hope it all works out for you.

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