Acer built in destruction?

A few years ago I bought an Acer Aspire AX3810 desktop pc. Over the years I’ve thrashed it a bit, making it run Crysis, Elder Scrolls etc etc., so when it started crashing and blue screening intermittently recently, I guessed that the poor thing might just have had enough.

After some attempts at repair, including driver updating and dust removal (this being about the extent of my maintenance abilities), I handed it in to a repair shop. They failed, so I have just tried another. This afternoon, I received a call from them informing me that the problem in fact lied with, basically, a semi-melted graphics card. They thought I must have been customising it, because they were shocked to find that the graphics card had been placed with the fan flat against the inside of the case, with virtually no ventilation whatsoever, trapping the heat and leaving me with a warped card. (When I say fan, I refer to the fan built into the graphics card, not the main fan.)

This severe heat build up was not even of particular correlation to gaming, the card was getting far too hot upon startup.

Now, considering this is a factory built computer, by a company with as far as I know an clean reputation, I don’t know what to think. I am unaware of how common this built in obsolescence, or rather deliberate timed malfunction is within the electronics industry – assuming this is what I am seeing. I have just read an article on Apple profiteering on iPhone battery life, and I find the whole concept disturbing; it seems a very low, greedy act and a betrayal to buyers.

It would be great if anyone could shed some light on this for me, some views or corrections would be much appreciated – especially from people who have or have had experience of Acer PCs.


  1. First, combine all four of these reports:

    One giant flaw in the article/surveys, Apple products are extremely expensive for their performance. The surveys lied about that.

    The best desktop/tower PCs are made yourself after proper research about parts and their compatibility.

    If this is what you are referring to:
    it is a slimline. You cannot get good gaming out of a slimline.
    Power supply, cooling, space – it’s all trouble.
    They, like every other company, will sell you whatever you will buy. Their responsibility ends at warranty ending pretty much.
    The goal of the general suppliers is the same as any business – make a profit.
    They regularly violate specifications of graphics card makers both in wattage and what they will put into a system.

    In the mix of suppliers, I worked for IBM and Lenovo for about 31 years and they do watch their products with component and procurement engineers and design teams.

    If interested about Acer,
    Reports are out of date, but
    Look at R+D as a percentage of sales. 0.3%
    They are a procurement and sales company.

    Basically, Acer is not selling Acer products because they put nothing into their design, testing, and research. No product development to speak of. It isn’t built-in obsolescence in my view. It is lack of knowledge about their own products. They sell products labeled Acer.

    The general industry number of R+D is between 1.5 and 2 percent R+D as % of sales.

    That is my opinion of what you have written as a cause.

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