Acer Aspire?

I just bought a cheap acer aspire for use commuting, i went cheap so it wouldnt matter if it got scratched or broken, anyway on control panel there is a feature which says pen device, is this laptop compatible with using a pen on the screen?


  1. I’d say it’s referring to a pen drive.
    aka, usb drive, flash drive, thumb drive etc.
    Removable storage devices name depending on manufacturer that made it.

  2. The Michael Ronson Show says:

    yes, its hardware which will cost you about £125

  3. Id say it wasnt. Touchscreens are still quite expensive, so its probably just a USB device thats been installed. I know as we have some touchscreen laptops where I work and they are about £1000 each.

  4. tiny_lil_hottie says:

    you should have a take a tour icon, click it and it will let you know about all the features.

  5. Best way to learn about a pc is to put it in search.You can then
    look at it’s capabilities.

  6. Hello,

    (ANS) It depends what the term "Pen Device" refers too? a) it could be referring to a Graphics Tablet which uses a pen device for graphics drawing. Not many computer users will have come across this as its a bit specialized.

    OR b) YES! it could possibly refer to a specialized pen that can be used to draw directly on the machines screen.

    **But you would be best checking this with ACER, have a look on the Acer website (see if you can find the technical specification for your make & model). If you don’t find any reference to this on the website, also see their FAQ section under support. Or could could phone Acer up I’m sure they will have a technical or customer support phone number, you could also try emailing them.

    Kind Regards Ivan

    computer veteran MCSE trained.

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