Acer Aspire X3400 upgrade for gaming help?

Hi I am interested in making some upgrades to my Acer Aspire X3400. I thought instead of going for a completely new PC from scratch i’d simply keep what I have, and upgrade as needed. However my knowledge of PC’s and what is compatible with certain things etc is fairly limited. I will be getting a bigger case so the limited space in the X3400 won’t be a problem.

I understand the X3400′s motherboard can handle 8GB of RAM total so I will put 2x2GB DDR3 sticks in there on top of the pre installed 2x2GB’s.

The main thing I want to upgrade is the graphics card. I’m not sure if there’s a limit with what graphic cards I can use with this mother board, if there is what are some really good ones that would be compatible that would help with running games like: The Witcher 2, Natural Selection 2 and Battlefield 4.

Also with the processor would I need an upgrade at all? if so what are a couple that are good to better run the games previously listed. I already know the power supply is crap and will be upgrading that anyway, based on what components I put in.

Any help and further teachings would be greatly appreciated :P


  1. brianthesnail123 says:

    hi mate
    the problem with the acer x3400 and similar acer pc,s is they use a small form factor chassis(case) and this limits the size of any graphic card upgrade you can use…. also that particular model only has a 220w psu which again is very limited and only designed to run the components that come with the pc
    and that’s were you will find problems …. I bought my wife a acer x3200 which also has a 220w psu and the only compatible psu upgrade I could find was a 280w psu which to be honest isn’t good enough for most graphic cards
    I did see one guy who managed to buy a antec 300 case ( midi size ) and he removed the hardware from the smaller acer case and fitted it in the antec case …. this allowed him to use a standard 600w corsair atx power supply and also allowed him to use standard size graphic cards instead of low profile gpu,s
    and to run games such as the witcher and bf4 you going to need a card such as the GTX650ti or the HD7850 and these require a 500w psu minimum
    you can upgrade the memory and processor without a case upgrade,however without a more powerful psu you wont be able to use a more powerful graphic card
    I hope this helps … any questions let me know
    good luck !

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