Acer Aspire VS Sony VAIO?

Hi I’m hesitating on two Laptops both at ~£500, the first one is an Acer Aspire, here is the link to the Website:
and next there is a Sony VAIO E Series:
Now I’ll be honest, the VAIO has a really really nice Design where as the Acer has a decent but unoriginal one.
However the Acer has 1 extra MP webcam, 2 extra RAM MB, a better graphics card ( Intel hd 4000 vs AMD Radeon 7650M), it’s thinner, has more software and insurance, better sound system, and is £20 cheaper.
So basically the VAIO is defeated everywhere except the design, although I’m asking myself whether the AMD graphics card is actually worse than Intel hd graphics 4000.
In the end I intend to use this for playing a few games (Left 4 Dead2, CSS, Counter strike global offensive, Half life 2 etc..) as well as carrying it around the house and while on vacation
so tell me which would be best, I would like a really nice screen too and Acer claim they have some "Acer CineCrystal™ LED-backlit screen" and I’m not sure if that’s better than Vaio’s screen. I also have a tendency to watch a lot of youtube videos and from time to time watching a film as well as listening to music (Note: I have some decent external Speakers anyway).
Thanks for reading and giving me advice! (Supposing you do so)


  1. Ed Lucas says:

    All that in one paragraph? My eyes are bleeding!

    The hd 4000 (intergrated) is around the same as a 6450 which can barley run left 4 dead at 720p. The 7650 will perform about 4-5x better you will thank yourself for it.

  2. lavender_lights says:

    Never had an acer before, but I can tell you that VAIOs last but have a slow start up time

    You could google both laptops and search for the reviews from users and tech websites – this will give a better insight to other small things such as fan noises, actual battery life etc etc

  3. Well, I can’t access the link to the Sony laptop but I’m pretty sure that a 7650M will outperform an HD4000.

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