Acer aspire upgrade info request?

I have recent installed a 64bit windows 7 pro
Onto my acer aspire t660. It has 4gig of memory pc 6400 and a pentium d 352 CPU.
I only see just over 3gig of ram in the CMOS is there a bios out there that will help resolve this


  1. you put alligators shoes with bluejeans when u put 7 on that machine

    the pentium is a dinosaur

    my acer came with a 2.4g i5 about 4 yrs ago……how old is your acer?!

    as for the bios update…I do not reco it

    I did that to my acer I just mentioned and it crashed…it was running fine too….I recovered everything except all the open tabs I had….really messed up my research…anyways, I got an error msg, no hdd detected!!!! had to install new hdd !!!!
    so, no reco from me for that

    I’m afraid your fix will be a new machine

    best wishes

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