acer aspire repair – broken screen?

i have a acer aspire laptop – anyone know where to take to get it repaired at reasonable cost in cambs area please – thank you


  1. if it is still under warranty you should contact acer uk who will arrange to
    collect it , they will repair it for free as long as it wasn`t something you did
    or installed that broke it.

  2. Chickster says:

    Not a direct answer, sorry. I just wanted to state that it would be nice if you had a little mechanical skill, or knew someone who did, and would help you.

    Cost of LCD screen for the laptop? Depends of course, on what model and model number of Acer laptop this is. Also depends on where you get the LCD screen.

    Here’s a couple of examples of places that sell them,
    I also have had good luck with Ebay. (I buy from those who have an Ebay store. I check the Feedback and Sellers Ratings. I also email them to see if this is the correct LCD screen for THIS laptop, and I see what would happen if I had to return it. I also, Do Not have the time or patience to go through an auction, so I buy ->Buy Now. That’s just me though! lol!)

    How hard is it to replace one? If you knew how easy it is, you would kick yourself, for paying big bucks to have someone else do it!

    Be aware that the repair person buys the LCD screen from someone else. The SAME someone you could buy from. Then this repair person will mark up the price of the LCD screen, and make money off of you.
    The labor bill varies. The cheaper the labor bill, the higher the cost of the LCD screen. (Get my drift?)
    Labor varies from repair shop to repair shop, and place to place. (State to state, or country to country. You get what I mean)
    Average can be from $80 (US) to $250 (US)
    THAT’S the labor bill.

    Screens can be from $125 to $400.

    Want to try it yourself?
    Here’s some basic information that may help, since I don’t know what Acer model name, and model number it is,
    [Yes I repair laptops. No, I do not gouge my clientele. I even have some of them do it, while I instruct. What goes around, comes around in life, and life is Short!]

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