Acer Aspire One ZA3 RAM?

I want to upgrade the RAM of my Netbook which is Acer Aspire One ZA3. Its original one is 1 GB and I want it to be 2GB.
My problem is that I cannot find any seller in Ebay which sell RAM for this Netbook. Do all Netbooks Have the same RAM or I just need to but the special one??


  1. Beowulf says:

    The thing about those Aspire One’s is that some (or all) of them have ram built onto the motherboard. According to the specifications (i think for your specific computer (you’d have had to specify the actual model number)):

    it says that the dimm slot supports 512MB/1GB chips. Which means that if you currently have 1GB of Ram AND you do have a stick in the slot, the stick is 512MB and you have 512MB built on the motherboard, so the max amount of ram would be 1.5GB. If you don’t have a stick in the dimm slot currently, and you have 1GB, then you have 1GB built onto the motherboard, so the max would then be 2GB. This is my understand of the way these computers are.

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