Acer Aspire One Wont Start?

Hi, I have an Acer Aspire One (D250 to be exact).
When it comes to the Windows XP loading screen, it just stays on that screen.
I have tried to boot it from safe mode aswell, but nothing comes up, it just says safe mode in every corner of the screen.
What can I do to get it to work again?
Because it was fine the last time i used it.
Thanks, Charlie.


  1. try this Alternatively, the factory installed drivers and applications can be re-installed by using Acer eRecovery.
    Follow these steps:
    Click Start and then All Programs
    Click Acer and then Acer eRecovery Management
    You may be prompted to enter or create a password. This password will be required to use eRecovery in the future.
    In the next window, select Restore or Recovery. This will vary from system to system.
    Choose Reinstall Drivers or Applications
    Choose Contents
    Choose the driver or application you wish to install
    On the right, click the install link and follow the prompts.
    The system may restart when installation is complete. If it does not restart, manually shutdown and restart the computer.

  2. It’s a sign that your computer needs some reformatting. Back up all files if you can and then reformat it. Had the same problem as you and it got worse. I lost all my files.

  3. Not use Windows.
    Well you can use the recovery disc that you should’ve made or an install disc to fix the system.
    My best answer is stop using Windows and got Linux or Mac

  4. reformat your hard drive. one way to fix it is to use the recovery disk (if provided) then use it to recover the factory settings. normally, aspire one is not provided with an optical drive so it will be necessary to create a bootable USB thumb drive. if not sure how to create one, just inform me. good luck.

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