ACER Aspire one D255, good or bad?

alright so, i’m 13 and i have had two laptops before, the second one (the one ihave now ) is about to break therefore i need a new one.
first of all i use my laptop for internet (facebook, youtube etc.) and msn, and to listen to music.
now, i though i’d try and buy a netbook, but is a netbook or laptop better in my case? and also is the ACER Aspire one D255 the netbook for me? thanks


  1. tantilisingteaser says:


    Acer are a good brand and pretty reliable the only thing
    that sucks about acer is their customer support
    which is notoriously bad so if anything goes
    wrong you’ll have a hard time getting
    help from acer .

    that being said I have an acer extensa 5510
    and its been going for years only complaint
    I have is the battery died which happens
    with all laptops at some point .

    so yeah its an ok brand

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