Acer Aspire Laptop Issue?


I have an Acer Aspire 5742g laptop which I bought second hand and now regret it.

Everything seems to be perfect on it until I do any form of gaming that’s more demanding than online poker, at which point it instantly shuts down. By gaming, I’m only talking about Facebook Tetris and Pool not Battlefield etc which i’d like to play on it.

The fan sounds to be working and I really don’t think it’s an over heating issue. When it shuts down it powers off in a milli-second and most of the time when I reboot it, I have to hit F2 to go into Bios, then F10 to save and exit at which point it loads Windows after hitting "start windows normally".

Any suggestions would be much appreciated and I thank you all in advance :-0

If it helps:-

750GB Hard Drive
4GB Ram
Intel i3 processor

not sure what graphic card it has


  1. Sounds like windows is having some kind of problem if you have to go into the Bios just to start it up.

  2. Robert J says:

    Looking at the specs, I suspect that you have a machine with Dual graphics; integrated Intel HD in the CPU, and it has a separate ‘real’ graphics system, an nvidia GT520M.

    Machines with dual graphics usually have specially written video drivers that combine the two sets of hardware transparently.

    If someone has put a standard, generic driver on it, that may be messing up the video changeover and crashing it, when it tries to use the nvidia part.

    Go to the Acer web site and download all the correct drivers for that machine.

    Install any system or chipset driver, then reboot, uninstall the video drivers and install the proper Acer version. You may have to do the uninstall/reinstall twice, as Windows may kick in & auto-install a driver.

    The second time it should be running on the proper auto-switching driver set.

    See if it runs graphics stuff OK then.

    - Make sure Windows Update does not try to replace the proper driver with a generic one. If that happens & the problem re-appears, do a System restore and hide that particular update so it’s never reinstalled..

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