Acer Aspire Laptop Advice?

Im starting to consider purchasing a laptop, and my eye has been drawn to the Acer Aspire 5315 for £299-350. After reading a few threads, i’ve read that the Acer is good in terms of internet browsing and media playing, but not good at all with gaming. This causes me concern as i wish to have a maximum of 3 games in total running on the laptop, with rollercoaster tycoon 3 being the most demanding. Has anyone had experience of an Acer Laptop with RCT3? What other laptops of similar RAM and HardDRives are available for a similar price? Thanks
Dell Inspiron Laptops ive read are fitted with the same Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100. .. does this make this unsuitable for me aswell?


  1. tranquillity321 says:

    Acer offers great laptops. Here’s a list of Acer laptops that can handle Gaming:

    Basically, for gaming, you need to choose a laptop with a dedicated video card that’s fast enough to handle the latest games.

  2. Wilton F says:

    check out this site, they give you a sony vaio laptop FOR FREE!! i got mine last week and it’s smokin’!

  3. i think acer not the best lo… just normal… i suggest you buy the dell or hp… that’s more stable… good accessories..

  4. cordylou says:

    the one you are looking at would bew fine for games i have a acer and i must say ive had no probs at all with it even playing games but if you could afford alittle more then this one is fantastic for the price

    DO NOT buy dell so many people i know have had so many problems with there laptops anything from the screen blankin out and not working to the whole laptop not starting and not charging

  5. oacorey1andonly says:

    yeah my advice is, do not buy an ACER laptop, they suck. My new Dell inspiron 1525 has 3gig RAM and 250gig HD and its great, my opinion is that Acers maybe ony good for web BROWSING, not doing much with the internet, and office use like word processing and excel

  6. You’re better off with a reliable make, like Sony or Compaq. Price shouldn’t be an issue if you want a reliable PC – if you go for a cheap one, you may spend more if it goes wrong.

  7. djfear123 says:

    you might have issues with the graphics chipset on that model. It isn’t very good. Like you said, it would be great for business use, or simple, everyday use….but poor for any type of games. In order to gain gaming performance, you will have to pay a bit more for a better video chipset. Something like this would better suit gaming needs (look at the second one):

    It does cost a bit more though,

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