Acer Aspire Gemstone Question.?

I’ve seen and like the hardware specification of a certain acer aspire gemstone but i don’t know what there build quality is like.
Does anyone know or know a site that comments on aspects of laptops like build quality and keyboard quality and other userbility factors.



  1. lolerloulou says:

    I own a Acer Aspire 5610, great laptop, one problem im having with it which has been going on for over a year (just missed out my warranty) is it overheats so quick. Just browsing websites makes it turn off. My boyfriends a bit of a nerdy computer know it all and says i just need to buy cpu thermal grease and slap it in there. Oh and there is now a problem with the battery, always comes up it needs charging when its 100% and then says it really is broken and vista is actually telling me to buy a new battery! Think ill stick to the one ive got and just use my desktop =)

    but yah, saying all that i love my laptop :)

  2. I work for a company who sell acers in their millions and the build quality on them is as good as any other laptop.

    Its more down to the user how long the laptops lasts, aslong as your easy on the keys and dont press on the screen its very unlikely to break.

    Acer cover all products with a 12 month warranty also aslong as it’s not accidental damage.


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