Acer aspire factory restore help?

I’m considering restoring my acer aspire 5742z to factory settings. I just restored it earlier today but I chose the option to save my files. But after I restored it, I couldn’t get onto the internet because my modem would not show up in my network connections. This time I’m going to completely restore it. Will this help the problem? I just backed up all my files onto a cd.


  1. well molly

    poor planning landed you here

    in the future, visit the acer site and get the driver manager and everything else you need to run the unit, and put it all on a usb flash
    THEN do your factory restore, and pull from the usb flash, the network drivers etc that will help get you online, you should have two sets, one for a hardwire and the other for wifi, then reboot and see if you can connect, I’d use the cat5 cable from the router so you know you are connected, you can always pull it after all the drivers are fully updated and your wifi is solid…

    best wishes

  2. Bassman1 says:

    What is the installed version of Windows on the Acer laptop ?
    Did you create the Windows 7 or 8 recovery disc for the laptop ?

    How to create a set of backup recovery disks

    How to restore Acer computer back to factory using the eRecovery Management program

    Doing a system recovery / restore back to factory using the recovery disc set

  3. XTIAN170174 says:

    Assuming you can get back on to your operating system desktop – you should be able to run [from either start menu or control panel] the backup & restore centre, choose the location you saved your files to, restore as required and hopefully it should all eventually come back online.

    Also try Add/Remove Programs, and Add New Hardware Wizard, let the computer perform automatically wherever possible…

  4. you need to reinstall your internet that’s all

  5. That’s odd!
    A recovery partition usually carries all the correct drivers, hassle free; barring some windows updates, etc.
    Sorry but I have to ask. Are you are you actually using a dial-up modem or were your referring to your LAN/wifi?
    Was it working before you restored it?
    If all else fails, you can always revert to ACER’s web site and download the correct drivers. You will need another internet-connected computer to do that though, if you are unable to establish a wired or wifi connection on your own laptop.
    Download the drivers, copy them to a USB drive and then install them on your ACER.
    Good luck

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