acer aspire 7520?

is the acer aspire 7520 any good for homework and basic games such as flight simulator x and 2004,
doom 3 and rollercoaster tycoon 3
the specs are :
NVIDIA® GeForce® 7000M
1Gb ram
AMD Athlon TM 64×2 Dual Core
1.7GHz proccessor


  1. Doggzilla says:

    No it will not. The Amd X2 1.7ghz is one of the slowest cpu’s out there, and the graphics will not be even close to capable of playing even older games.
    One of my friends has the more powerful 1.8ghz version with a x1270 graphics card and that doesnt come close either.
    I have a Acer 5670 with a 1.66ghz core duo and a x1600 graphics card and it can handle fsx decently, but I would go for something better.
    The cheapest laptop you can get that can do what you want is just under $1000. Its a Asus laptop with the 1.8ghz x2, and the ATI HD2600.

    If you really want something that will work well, you should go with something like this:

  2. IF – it is loaded with VISTA – check the compatibilty of the games – If they are not Vista compatible it is unlikely that they will work – VERY UNLIKELY..

    Other than that – it is a good PC

  3. Helping Since 1969 says:

    Any laptop with at least 512 of memory and a processor running at least 1.3ghz can do just about whatever you throw at it. The second part of a computers capabilities is the software you install, along with the video settings……with the specs listed, you probably wouldn’t be able to run something like world of warcraft in full settings but it would run it in reduced mode, so you shouldn’t have any problems with what you listed.

  4. texaslinuxwolf says:

    Yep, it should run all those games and still do your homework.

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