acer aspire 5920 screen problem please read?

my ACER lap top has a problem with the screen it has gone very dark to the point where i have to tilt it to see and even then its still very dark ,
the best way i can describe it is images look like a negative if that makes Sense it works fine when plugged in to another monitor any advise please


  1. ianmccully says:

    Acer Grid Vista, Dual display compatible,

    only on certain models, To enable the dual monitor feature of the notebook, first ensure that the second monitor, is connected , then select start, control panel , display and then click settings, select the secondary monitor, put a tick in the box extend my windows desktop, remember click apply, then ok

    Acer grid vista is a handy utility that offers four predefined display settings, so you can view multiple windows on the same screen, to access the function , start , programs, acer grid vista. you can choose one of four, Double , triple, quad

    good luck if this doesn’t fix it then google plus me at ianmccully thanks ian

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