Acer Aspire 5735 problem.?

I have an Acer Aspire 5735 (3gb memory, 160gb hard drive) and when I first got it, it had Windows Vista Home Basic. After 2 years of using it with no problems, it blue screened me. I tried all possible solutions such as Repair, System restore… etc. By the end, I decided to completely reinstall windows. I accidently got a Dell repair disk and installed Vista Home premium. (home premium is fine and thats not the issue.) After that, all my Acer software and drivers were gone, but i managed to reinstall them from the Acer site. However, since I accidently used a Dell disk, if you go to start>my computer>right click>properties, the laptop’s manufacturer is listed as DELL!!!!
Also, my "e" button on the 5735 no longer works (the one you press to get the "Empowering Technology" panel to show up at the top of the screen. So the question is:
How do I get my laptop to ‘be an Acer’ again (get rid of manufacturer being Dell because it was clearly Acer when I got the laptop)? and if anyone knows:
How can i get the button to work again?


  1. HI.

    You should have never used the dell disc , your Acer has a hidden recovery partition ( pqservice)

    All you had to do was hold Alt and keep pressing F10 when the Acer logo was on screen at start up.

    Or ran erecovery management and click restore and select factory.

    Ps The e button can be made to open any program and empowering technology could have always been accessed by going to all programs.

    the e button needs the launch manager to run at start up to work.

    What you have done ,well , that gos to the top of my list the erecovery "could have " been used even if windows was corrupt and would not boot.

  2. Lil KingKoopa says:

    I dunno man. You prolly need to install your Vista OS disc again. but being a dell is not that big of a deal. And the e key does suck but you could just use an a usb keyboard. In short there is no way to undo what you have done. Acer are delicate machines but how you managed to insert a a dell disk into an acer and it run is beyond me

  3. The Blunt Ugly Truth says:

    It’s an Acer. That’s your problem right there.’

    Next time, get an Apple mac. They actually function, unlike Wind0ze PCs (which stands for Pieces of Crap).

  4. The problem is simply that you have used a Dell specific OS disk. Did the computer not come with a disk or did you not make a copy of the system (it always asks you to) when you first got the machine. This would have the all the drivers and associated tweaks on the disk. If you have no disk you will be able to get another from acer but at a price, unless you know someone with the same model. You might be able to download the "Empowering Technology" programme from the Acer support site, but I doubt it. I am of the opinion that you might be better living with the problem as the solution might be expensive (I believe a replacement disk from Acer is around £35)

    Hope this helps.

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