Acer Aspire 5720 shuts down, overheating perhaps?

Okie dokie, so i have an Acer Aspire 5720 and about 6 months ago it started playing up. If i have have it on for a long period of time, have several programmes running or am watching a dvd it shuts itself down randomly. You can normally (yet not always) hear it ‘working harder’ than normal if that makes any sense before it simply shuts down.
I’ve had a quick google and some websites are suggestiong overheating due to dust.
Could it be anything else??
And if it is overheating due to dust, how is the best way to clean it.
P.S I am a complete laptop novice! I use it purely for studying and surfing, so know nothing ‘technical’ so if anyone has any advice using technical terms, please perhaps ‘dumb’ it down slightly! (Probably really set myself up there!)
Thanks in advance!


  1. Acer recalled some laptops a while back due to an overheating problem, not sure if yours is one or not, here’s a link with the models involved
    Cooling is by pulling air in (should be a slot somewhere near the logo) and also slots underneath so don’t put anything over the slots. Exhaust air is on the side (should be able to find it by running your hand alongside and feel the warm air exiting. Try vaccuming <gently> in case its got dust in it.
    I’ve heard some peeps use a cooling pad that goes under their laptops but not actually come across anyone using one.
    Edit: try lifting it off the surface you have it on by placing small blocks of wood at the corners. Friend of mine now tells me he had overheating problem and made a sort of easel (hollow centre) for his and tilted it slightly to make the keyboard more accessible.
    And the bit you didn’t really want to see but may have to get done.

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