Acer Aspire 5315 wireless?

so I reinstalled Vista on my acer Aspire 5315 with Vista, 32bit,SP1 and now I can not get my wireless driver to work.
I have gone into Acer website

and downloaded the Atheros v7.3.1.73 driver, extracted it and run setup. Yet the instalation comes to a halt half way through the process and just stays stuck.
Is there any other driver that I am missing or am I doing something wrong?
Under Device manager/network adapters I have Broadcom 590×10/100 Ethernet. However can you please state the four other wireless drivers that you say could be the one that I require.
I did a clean instalment and since my acer is second hand it did not come with an disc.


  1. Did you reinstall from a dvd or did you use the restore partition?


    Are you sure it`s the Atheros that you need, there are four Wlan drivers listed on the site for your model?


    Click the link below – drivers and utilities – The Broadcom Wlan driver is third from the bottom.

    Unless someone has deleted the restore partition, you can restore Acer to factory settings by holding down the Alt key and tapping F10 as soon as you switch on.

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