Acer Aspire 5050 drivers help?

I have had to perform a recovery of my acer aspire 5050. I am installing microsoft xp but their are no drivers installed on the laptop. I have tried to download them from the acer site and various others but have had no success so far.

I do not have any of the original discs that came with the laptop and have been told that it may be down to a hardware failure.

Any ideas?
Yeah they are the drivers for the sound cards and graphics ect…

When I go to install windows there is no drive to install it on, for example the C: drive


  1. If you can’t find the right drivers manually I would recommend just getting a software program that can do it for you. There is a program I use which will find drivers for just about all hardware devices. The best part is it takes a snapshot of your system specifications and matches the right driver to go with it. Perform a free driver scan at:

  2. Dude go to
    acer support,
    drivers and utilities,
    downloads by product range,
    find your model,
    which i have just done and there are all the drivers you need, every one of them, if your lappy doesn’t have an internet connection use someone Else’s connection and download them to memory stick and Bingo you have done the impossible very simply.
    Make sure you also save them to a file, call it drivers, then if it goes tits-up you have them ready to go.

    Sorry forgot this one, down to hardware failure my ass, what planet is he from

  3. Hi,
    I had a similar problem when I re installed windows xp to a friends Asuss Pc , the windows xp disc does not have the drivers for the acer 5050, you can search for them using google, you can download and use for free driver detective it will scan your pc and advise you of the drivers that you need, usually it can install them for you, some sites charge for the information, failing this contact the vendor who sold you the computer. sometimes after an install your hardware becomes unknown, check your device manager and anything that is highlighted in yellow is what you need to take action on, in my case it was a change of cable in order to made the unit play back CDs etc. Hope you get it sorted.




    The problem is you need to know what your acer has inside

    Sometimes manufacturers put different components in the same model laptops and so the put ALL the drivers for ALL components on the website

    Then someone comes along and downloads the wrong drivers and it doesnt work

    So do this

    Download the
    ATi 830.0.0 which should make your display adapter work properly
    Realtek Audio -> which is your audio drivers

    See if those work

    Make sure you uninstall any other drivers you installed before (if they didnt work)

    If they work then try downloading the Atheros driver first, which should be your inbuilt wireless
    If that doesnt work, uninstall and install the Broadcom ones

    Also install the realtek LAN drivers, which is for your LAN port (ethernet)

    Hope this work out!

    if it doesnt, get in contact with Acer support and see what they suggest

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