ACER Arcade Deluxe download….?

I have an Acer Aspire 4530 and it was getting low on available memory so i removed some stuff that i didnt use… one of them was Acer Arcade Deluxe…. and now i kind of need it on my computer… Anyone have any SAFE and Working online downloads where i can re-install it?


  1. The answer king says:

    Ive just brought a acer laptop myself.
    I know you should have a acer recovery program installed and can install it through the program and drives restore operation.
    or you can download it from the acer website i have included a link for you;jsessionid=08C511B8A86BC1067F1FBEDDC8DFA85F.public_a_14c?LanguageISOCtxParam=en&miu10einu24.current.attN2B2F2EEF=3734&sp=page15e&ctx2.c2att1=17&miu10ekcond13.attN2B2F2EEF=3734&CountryISOCtxParam=UK&ctx1g.c2att92=122&ctx1.att21k=1&CRC=2980211862

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