Acer 6935g with ATI graphic card?

Recently i have been told that you could buy Acer 6935g with an ATI graphic card around about £500 to £650, but by checking through all the website i know of and there was just 9600M GT.
could anyone tell me if they still sell 6935g with ATI card? and if they are, where to buy? i really want one, and if there is a possibility getting a ATI card i would more prefer to go with that one. thx


  1. Alright mate,

    I have a brand new acer 6935g in box with acer carry case with nvidia graphics card 4gb ram 320gb hard drive, if your interested? Get back to me , regards Tom–compare-html

  2. The laptop you are looking for has an AMD CPU and ATI graphics, goes under the name 6530z

    Perhaps you could search Google shopping eBay or amazon for a model with Intel CPU since AMD CPU’s like to create more heat then processing power.

    I suggest you search "Aspire 6530

    also my limited time (I need to go to work in 35 min) limits me.
    only found ones that cost 900 and up, bummer as I see HP went back to Nvidia GPU’s (I dont know if their good or not-GT 230) since I assume you want ATI for reliability and lower heat advantages.

    Dell seems to have went into ATI and most ATI wielding laptops have went up in price.

    Perhaps you should wait for the first snapdragon CPU based laptops to hit the streets, 6 months?
    I duno I hope my answer wasn’t to much disorganized =)

    Last places where my research left off:

    I also dont want to cause to many bubbles in the bathtub, but I didn’t hear to much about the Acer gaming computers, perhaps you should find a model and then Google owners lounges for possible issues (thats my advice)

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