A question for my Laptop.?

can I install a new graphics card on my laptop?
can I get someone to install one in for me?


  1. blamay22000 says:

    "A question for my laptop?" Doesnt that imply you want to ask your laptop? NO you CANT put a graphics card in your laptop.

  2. joedawg3657 says:

    i’m pretty sure you will have to buy one. the computer has a factory installed one with certain specifications and you cannot install on top of this to make it better. if you do buy one, make sure it is compatible with your laptop! also i would not install it myself if i were you.

  3. wrath1001 says:

    its impossible to install a new graphics card in a laptop because the graphics card is implemented into the processor chip, you would have to carefully De-solder the chip and Re-solder a new one in which is highly unrecommended
    I’m in the field of computer repair, and i really don’t recommend it. Even professionals don’t recommend it because you can destroy the laptops processor if there are any errors during installation

  4. Jennifer says:

    depending on the make, year and graphics card you would like to get I believe.

  5. brandon_shirey09 says:

    The graphics are built in. its not like a desktop with cards you insert. so no.

  6. You can’t install hardware. Hardware is the actual chips and equipment inside of the computer.
    (A graphics card is hardware.)

  7. xsirhc6x says:

    what kind of laptop?:)

  8. Tanvir Tan says:

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  9. That will depend on several things
    Your laptop make
    Your motherboard
    Your finances

    Many of today’s laptops are not that easy to upgrade individual components because the makers have tailor made parts to fit or have actually fitted the components to the main board rendering most upgrades not viable.

    I would contact your laptop maker to ask if they do a component that would be closer to your requirements but make sure your sat down when they tell you the cost

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