3d screen laptop ? (uk answerers only plz)!!?

My birthdays coming up soon and im getting a laptop. Are there any laptops on which you can view 3d programmes or movies etc?


  1. The acer 5738gd laptop computer is 3d and uses polarized glasses which are the tinted grey 3d glasses used at most theaters. So yes there are 3d laptops. This one is available in the united states, so I don’t know about buying it in the uk. Just letting you know that the responses that there are no 3d laptops are wrong.

  2. ignore fuctup, a 3D ready TV is equipped with a device to tell the 3D glasses which lens to "open" or "close", there are no laptops yet available with this facility.

  3. youtube…..search for 3d tv, get some 3d glasses from sainburys or tescos wilkos ect ect or ask in any shop for them

  4. Eoghan Graham says:

    There is no 3d laptops available yet. A 3d computer monitor will probably be release before a laptop is developed.

  5. Both Toshiba and Acer shows off a new 3D laptop very cool for playing games.

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