3D max on dell studio 15?

Hello, I am studying Interior designing. I use softwares like Autocad, 3D studio Max, photoshop, Illustrator. I dont have to do any animation work accept some walkthrough for the houses for 20 secs or so. I was planning to buy dell studio 15. And I did the upgradation for the video card to Intel accelator 4500MHD card. And I will take 4Gb Memory and 250GB hard drive and the system will be intel processor core 2 duo. Can anyone please let me know if this is enough for me?


  1. spoolified says:

    It will probably run all of your software but you may not be happy with the performance especially for the 3D end. If you just need to open some files and do some quick edits this may be okay. If you are using the laptop as your main machine you may have trouble multitasking or with very large or complex files.

    If you want something better suited to 3D and you want to go with Dell look into their Precision Mobile Workstations.

    If you are browsing through the Dell site, you need to choose "Business & Education" or you wont see them. Here is a direct link:

    If you cant afford a new one, they have refurbished ones in the Dell Outlet. These are perfectly good machines and also include the standard 3 year Dell warranty. Outlet computers are sold on a per machine basis, meaning they can only sell what they have, you can’t configure them. There’s usually a ton of them up there so you should be able to find what you want. I have 2 from the outlet and 2 I bought new and I never had any problems with the outlet machines.


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