Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 Pink

Lenovo are a well respected brand in the world of computing with their Think Pad range of business laptops but, perhaps, not so well known for producing the consumer range laptops which go by the name of IdeaPad. However, this is going to change if they continue to produce machines that look as good as […]

Sony Vaio Laptops


Sony Vaio Prestige Collection

Sony have released a unique collection of customised designs across their range called the Prestige Collection. These designs are not available anywhere else - … [Read More...]


Sony Vaio SB Series 13″ Laptop

The latest version of Sony's Vaio S Series 13-inch laptop, the SB, has an all new bubble gum pink design with a solid angular look which is a real departure … [Read More...]

More Sony Vaio

Acer Netbooks

Acer Aspire Netbook

Acer Aspire One Happy 2 Netbook – Pink

This is the new version of Acer's Happy One Netbook - confusingly named the Happy One 2? Why they didn't just call it the Happy Two we'll never know but Acer never could be accused of being … [Read More...]


Acer Aspire One Happy Candy Pink

It is a while since there has been anything truly new in the netbook market - aside from aesthetics netbooks are much of a muchness when it comes to specification and kit. But now Acer have brought … [Read More...]


Karim Rashid Asus 1008P

Karim Rashid Asus 1008P Pink 10.1-inch Netbook

The limited edition Karim Rashid EeePC 1008P netbook is a fashionable and original version of the best selling Eee PC 1008 sea-shell design netbook. Just like the regular 1008AH this version also has … [Read More...]


ASUS Eee PC 1005HA 10.1-Inch Pink Netbook

The latest pink netbook from Asus, the Eee PC 1005HA-V is ultra slim and light with a pearlescent, contoured design inspired by a seashell. Boasting a 92% size keyboard and an astounding 8½ hours … [Read More...]

Samsung Netbooks


Samsung Series 3 15.6″ Pink Laptop

This standard sized 15.6 inch laptop from Samsung has a modern, streamlined look to it and the brushed-chrome effect pink cover really stands-out. Performance wise this machine packs quite a powerful … [Read More...]

Samsung N145

Samsung N145 Plus Netbook

Once again Samsung have produced a cracking little netbook that leads the way in practicality and performance. Like the N150 that preceded it the Samsung N145 is manufactured to the highest standards … [Read More...]

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